Special guest

I'm Blue
I like movies and TV but mostly Music. I play in a band called Kid, You're No Fighter. If you've listened to this podcast, you've already heard our music. La Brea, is one of our tracks and the opening theme for this awesome podcast!

My favorite genre of film and TV is Horror! I'm a super huge Evil Dead fan, I know all of the useless trivia and I own like 9 copies of dvd's and blu-ray's across the franchise. Aside, from horror, I also really love Comedy. from stand up to sketches, I've seen it all.

My real passion is music. I've been playing with Kid, You're No Fighter since early 2016. We've releassed one EP and are almost done with our very first full length album. I started playing guitar at about ten years old, and since then have picked up as many instrtuments as I can. My primary focus is Bass and Drums at the moment. truly a "Jack of all trades, master of none" type of guy. My taste in music varies from German black metal to bubble gum pop. I love anything that Jonathan hates, and I hate anything Jonathan likes. Thats just our dynamic.

I'm excited to be on episode 16, and talk some shit!

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