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Episode Notes: S2E12 - Black Mirror

Ren and Jonathan get personal on this week's episode. With the release of season 5 of Netflix's Balck Mirror, we touch on the anthology as a whole and get into some of the episodes that affected us the most. So join us with a drink, cause this is going to be a lot.

Black Mirror
Watch Here (Netflix):

Episodes Mentioned:
S1E1: The National Anthem
S3E1: Nosedive
S2E1: Be Right Back
S1E2: Fifteen Million Merits
S4E4: Hang the DJ
S4E2: Arkangel
S5E1: Striking Vipers
S4E1: USS Callister
S5E2: Smithereens

Episode Playlist:

Jonathan's Black Mirror Episode Watch Order:

  1. Nosedive
  2. The Waldo Moment
  3. Smithereens
  4. Striking Vipers
  5. Fifteen Million Merits
  6. Arkangel
  7. Men Against Fire
  8. Entire History of You
  9. Be Right Back
  10. San Junipero
  11. Hang the DJ
  12. Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too
  13. Playtest
  14. USS Callister
  15. Crocodile
  16. Metalhead
  17. White Christmas
  18. The National Anthem
  19. White Bear
  20. Shut Up and Dance
  21. Black Museum
  22. Bandersnach

meh: Hated in the Nation